Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lol is mi vocabulary rlly bad? wat do U think?

I have an inexorable passion for written thought. I adore equipping myself with new words, allowing myself liberty in expression. But, as with anything, without experience proficiency tends to lack.

I do not write much, though I love to--and that is why I have endeavored to undertake this blog, as well as my new eHow account (feel free to explore some of my articles!). I want to be an interesting writer, a compelling author--and I cannot achieve this without some practice.

But why is it that I love words so much? I believe there is just some strange ethereal power in word connotation. The attempt to describe ineffable sentiments is noble and complicated. I believe that some words were created to elicit said sentiments, not define them, though that was the original point of writing about them in the first place.

The English language is great in that it has a plethora of synonyms to reduce my arch-nemesis: redundancy. And while the English language has nurtured us for so long, allowing us to communicate somewhat efficiently with one another, there are those who strive to destroy it.

wat u sad wuz u h8 mi an i no wat u ment c u l8er lol bbl

Unfortunately, with any desired bit of information being expediently brought to our eyes, we have become indolent. I do not exclude myself, yet I cannot understand why anyone would want to express their thoughts by utterly destroying any sophistication left of their native language, while indistinctly voicing their [unintelligent] thoughts with repetitive word usage, intentional misspellings and obscurity. People are now relying more on tonal intuition than the words they hear to communicate.

I suppose, all I am saying is, if you really want to get your point across...cultivate your vocabulary.

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  1. ehmm hmmm... I loved what you said, totally true and I guess what I want to say is don't visit my blog LOL (did I just used LOL?) I really want to improve my grammar,in a way this is why I decided to start a blog, and I feel that I have many things to share.

    I want to improve my vocabulary as well but in a way I still want my inner me tell the my story(am I making any sense?) Is ok to use ?) I feel really self conscious writing this, I am just going to stop and thank you for the link about improving ones vocabulary.