Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Kids Are Not Alright

At the bookstore that I work at (which will remain unnamed) I constantly see tactless groups of malicious mountebanks (modern children) running about the store in a tempestuous fervor, throwing books around, ripping out pages, leaving them strewn about the floor in a maelstrom of unchaperoned fury.

I am not vexed with the children.

I am infuriated at the loitering, lackadaisical, phlegmatic parents of these children that sit their, whilst their spawn create havoc on un-purchased merchandise, reading their "Lose weight quick" books. If only you were not overweight...Here's an idea--Get up off your ass, take your kids out and spend time with them. Teach them how to be a person, lest your TV do it for you.

Do you really want to condition your children to believe that it is permissible to trash rooms in other peoples houses, or stores--run a muck and leave the mess for others to clean up? You people do not even purchase anything, at my store. You sit around reading for free, complaining that we do not have proper seating accommodation's, and then you leave a mess about for me to clean up.

It's not a library.

More importantly:
You're kids are not dolls; they are not just some cute thing to cuddle with. They are living breathing units of life that will compose the next generation. They will ruin everything if they are not reared properly. If you are not ready to raise a healthy, responsible, moral child--Then do not have one.



  1. I second your emotion. Completely and entirely. But we still have to clean up after the little bastards. It's our job. Dammit!

  2. hey there! muchos gracias etc for the comments! they made me feel all glowy inside! :-)

    but the kids (I being technically still one of them) are not that bad, and you'll be proud to know you've inspired the next blog! :-)

  3. hahaha oh those kids!

    haha i teach them how to swim (actually past tense) i thought those kids how to swim.

    ya know a mother actually told one day i could hit her child if i wanted to?? now THATS bad parenting.

  4. First of all I think the title of this blog "you,me,and the bottle make three" it's hilarious.

    In regards about your entry, I think that is really sad that parents allow kids to run around with out discipline ( I don't mean hitting them or things like that).

    I hate it when I am in the store, the kids are doing all kinds of things and the parents just stand there and don't say anything. This kids grow up to be young adults and the parents wonder why they have no respect and consideration for anybody,they should no why.

  5. sorry I meant "they should know why"