Thursday, March 26, 2009


I haven't been doing much of anything at all lately. I'm trying to get up at least 5 eHow articles up each week, but I am simply having trouble coming up with good ideas. My goal is to have roughly 300 by the end of the year. I'm only at 33.

At any rate, I've been neglecting my music, by opting to be lazy; I've been doing nothing but reading and playing video games for the past 3 weeks. I'm digging myself into a shitty hole; preventing myself from getting what I want by not even trying. I had intended to have already released an album this year (at least an EP) and I've yet to do this.

Whatever, I go through ruts periodically; I am sure I'll get back into doing what I love soon.

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Soberly (until 5pm),

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Kids Are Not Alright

At the bookstore that I work at (which will remain unnamed) I constantly see tactless groups of malicious mountebanks (modern children) running about the store in a tempestuous fervor, throwing books around, ripping out pages, leaving them strewn about the floor in a maelstrom of unchaperoned fury.

I am not vexed with the children.

I am infuriated at the loitering, lackadaisical, phlegmatic parents of these children that sit their, whilst their spawn create havoc on un-purchased merchandise, reading their "Lose weight quick" books. If only you were not overweight...Here's an idea--Get up off your ass, take your kids out and spend time with them. Teach them how to be a person, lest your TV do it for you.

Do you really want to condition your children to believe that it is permissible to trash rooms in other peoples houses, or stores--run a muck and leave the mess for others to clean up? You people do not even purchase anything, at my store. You sit around reading for free, complaining that we do not have proper seating accommodation's, and then you leave a mess about for me to clean up.

It's not a library.

More importantly:
You're kids are not dolls; they are not just some cute thing to cuddle with. They are living breathing units of life that will compose the next generation. They will ruin everything if they are not reared properly. If you are not ready to raise a healthy, responsible, moral child--Then do not have one.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lol is mi vocabulary rlly bad? wat do U think?

I have an inexorable passion for written thought. I adore equipping myself with new words, allowing myself liberty in expression. But, as with anything, without experience proficiency tends to lack.

I do not write much, though I love to--and that is why I have endeavored to undertake this blog, as well as my new eHow account (feel free to explore some of my articles!). I want to be an interesting writer, a compelling author--and I cannot achieve this without some practice.

But why is it that I love words so much? I believe there is just some strange ethereal power in word connotation. The attempt to describe ineffable sentiments is noble and complicated. I believe that some words were created to elicit said sentiments, not define them, though that was the original point of writing about them in the first place.

The English language is great in that it has a plethora of synonyms to reduce my arch-nemesis: redundancy. And while the English language has nurtured us for so long, allowing us to communicate somewhat efficiently with one another, there are those who strive to destroy it.

wat u sad wuz u h8 mi an i no wat u ment c u l8er lol bbl

Unfortunately, with any desired bit of information being expediently brought to our eyes, we have become indolent. I do not exclude myself, yet I cannot understand why anyone would want to express their thoughts by utterly destroying any sophistication left of their native language, while indistinctly voicing their [unintelligent] thoughts with repetitive word usage, intentional misspellings and obscurity. People are now relying more on tonal intuition than the words they hear to communicate.

I suppose, all I am saying is, if you really want to get your point across...cultivate your vocabulary.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Musicians these days

Lend me your ear (er...eyes rather) and allow me promulgate to you what causes me great indignation:

I have spent roughly seven years or more practicing and becoming as proficient as I can. I have spent countless hours on Myspace networking and promoting bands I have been in, writing and recording my music, my scores. Learning how to do these things, teaching others.
All in all, I have devoted a great portion of my golden years to honing my craft, in hopes that I could possibly receive recognition and enough money to continue doing what I love.
Not that this is impossible, on the contrary it is still possible, and if there is anyone to blame for this not being my reality, it is myself.
What does cause me great woe, however, is that at one point good musicians were few and far between. They were respected, revered, idolized, even if they were not chart topping musicians. I remember as a young, young boy when my brother joined his first band, and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. "My brother in a band. They play concerts." I thought; and they were fairly popular in the local area.
But what I find now is that everyone under cerulean skies plays a freaking instrument, and as the population remissly continues to exponentiate, musicians become so profuse that there is no need to revere them anymore. "I'm in band" does not cause that look of reverence in the eyes of the people that I meet; they could care less. And why should they? For every good band there are five horrid, fetid pieces of bile, and out of every few people who mention (un)casually that they are in a band, two are probably members of a malodorous concoction of poorly playing Disturbed fans.
And so, I have found that when I divulge to coworkers or people I have recently been introduced to, that I have a band, and I want them to check out our Myspace, they make an indolent attempt at sounding interested, and never venture to the page. I do not blame them; Nay, I understand, I just wish that I lived in a simpler time when I was not a piece of grass in a field; when I could be respected for spending so much time working on art, on something that requires a great deal of time and effort to even begin, let alone create.

Everyone has to start somewhere; I am not condemning neophytes. Maybe the root of exasperation is all the 15 year old girls who think it would be great to have a sweet baby of her own, all of the people who gesticulate that in this day and age it is appropriate to have six kids. But, I digress into another topic of its own that I would love to discuss with you in the near future.
In closing, I do not propose any solution. I merely wanted to vent and rant; and I think as a first post it accomplishes a few things:
  • Now you know a few things about me
  • You know what I am passionate about, and something that bothers me
  • And maybe if I can spark some discussion about this topic or population woes then I can at least feel semi-conducive to that, and therein feel accomplished.
Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
It is my first and therefore any feedback concerning my writing style, suggestions, or even the post itself would be greatly appreciated!

Soberly (for now),
-Rob Mullis